At midnight on 4th August 2009, the Accuro team of over 120 staff took over responsibility for the delivery of a complete range of integrated support services at Welcare Hospital in Dubai from the previous service provider.

Following 3 months of detailed planning and preparations, the full mobilisation plan with over 300 individual tasks was seamlessly rolled out in the early hours of the 5th August whilst patients slept peacefully in their beds. Everything had to be just right to make sure that at 0630 breakfast would be served to each and every patient as well as meals for over 500 Welcare staff coming on duty that morning.

The project team was guided by Noor Hamed, Accuro’s Chief Operating Officer, who has over 25 years experience in the field and has probably managed more project mobilisations in healthcare support services than anybody else in the UAE. With such an experienced team in charge it is not surprising that everything went without a hitch. The support services team now manages a full range of support services including patient foodservice, staff and visitors cafeterias, function and event catering, housekeeping, grounds maintenance, laundry, waste management, porters and office cleaning services.

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